Lighting Installation

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Kitchen Lighting
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Lighting Upgrades

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your home by upgrading your light fixtures and lighting systems. Old lighting can add tension and stress to your eyes, resulting in reduced visual or medical issues. Let us install the new lighting fixtures of your choice to bring new life and brilliance into your home environment. Do you need that light moved to better illuminate your space? We can do that for you. We are experts at fixture relocation.

Maybe you would like to have that new chandelier or lighting fixture you just bought mounted to increase the value of your home and improve the comfort and impact of your surroundings. We would be happy to install it for you while you sit and relax. Dimmer switches permit more control over your lighting and allow you to adjust the ambience to affect moods changes, make people feel at home, and even create a healing environment. Does your indoor light fixture hang too low to be seen through the window outside? We can shorten your lighting fixture chain quickly with ease.

Kitchen Lighting

Is your kitchen dark and lifeless? An upgrade to your kitchen lighting can make a dramatic difference to your current kitchen by providing more brilliance and functionality. Under-counter lighting can provide more usable space without costly renovations. Recessed and tract lighting allow for additional light sources where they are needed. In addition to functionality, upgraded kitchen lighting creates a more beautiful space and can add to the value of your home.

Bathroom Lighting

It can be difficult to achieve good lighting in a bathroom due to the limited space and the tendency for shadows. Yet, that tends to be where hair is styled to perfection and make-up is applied seamlessly. Good lighting is needed to be successful with these activities. Let us help you resolve any lighting issues in your bathroom. We also install additional bathroom receptacles to allow for more bathroom appliance usage. Installing an exhaust fan can add a “breathe of fresh air” to your decor.

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

We can install almost any indoor or outdoor lighting. Do your outside lights need replaced? Do you keep bumping your head on your chandelier? Let us help you. Specialty lighting is definitely our specialty. We install single pin, two wire, and 3 lamp ballast fluorescent lighting. We also install or upgrade to LED lighting, resulting in savings for you. Give us a try. We guarantee our work.