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Lighting Control Systems

Smart lighting heightens the style and elegance of your home. Lighting control systems for your home add convenience, control, and energy efficiency to your environment. With a single touch, you can switch on or dim any light in your home, or you can turn on lights in your entire house. Let us help you take control of your lighting usage. We can automate your lighting to turn on before you arrive home from work, your Bluetooth to stream music or videos from your phone or tablet to built-in speakers, and your security system to alarm itself from your smart phone.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the most dramatic ways to improve and enhance your home and surrounding areas. Color-changing landscapes can be designed to create spectacle and transform your environment. We can customize your landscape lighting to provide an impactful and secure solution to your lighting needs.

LED Lighting

Enjoy the results of cost-efficient LED lighting. We can set up a high energy efficient LED-based lighting and controls to save you money.

Go Green!

We are all aware of the need for energy-efficient products and systems. Join in by allowing us to develop a “green” solution to your lighting needs. Additionally, LED lighting provides reduced power consumption, thereby, causing less pollution and stress on our planet.

Holiday Lighting

Astonish and surprise your neighbors with colorful, light changing scenes. We can help you transform your goals into reality by setting up a system to ensure your lights turn on and off automatically without overloading your power source. Want more intense lighting? Use LED color lights to both add dimension and vibrance to your lighting but also generate savings for your pocket.