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Electrical Repair or Installation

We can troubleshoot your home electrical problems and resolve them to make your home environment more efficient and cost-effective. Additional lighting can be added to existing lighting to increase brightness and functionality. We install appliances and electronic equipment to meet your needs. Safety is a key factor in our service. We will ensure that your electrical wiring and connections are safe and environmentally sound.

Old wiring can be a hazard, causing fires or overloaded circuits. Let us help you upgrade your electrical system to ensure your family’s safety.

We repair electrical wiring, cords, and circuitry. Many people can repair electrical equipment; however, our technicians are certified to ensure that your project is done correctly and up-to-code. And our work is guaranteed. Give us a call.

Outlet and Switch Set-up

As our lives become more dependent on technology, it has become important that our homes are retrofitted to meet the increased electrical demands. New outlets and switches can be added to make your life more pleasant and stress-free while ensuring safe and secure connections. We can also move outlets to make your family’s lives more comfortable and trouble-free.

240 Volt Hook-up

Hooking up 240 Volt outlets and power supply lines can be complicated and dangerous. Let us take care of the hook-up safely for you while you relax and take it easy.

Additional Services

We can replace your old GFCI receptacles, add cable jacks and splitters, hide your electrical cords, fish your speaker wires, complete electrical drops, install both low and high level voltage, and protect you against ARC fault fires. Not on the list? Call us.