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Electrical Panels

We can install, upgrade, expand or replace your electrical panel to meet your growing technological needs. An electrical panel may also be called a breaker panel, load center, service panel or breaker box. It consists of a steel box that contains multiple circuit breakers which are wired to circuits and distribute power within your home. These circuit breaker or fuses turn the power in your home on and off to protect your home from an electrical short or over-current which can damage your wring and cause a fire.

If your home needs more overall power, we can upgrade your power by add an additional breaker panel as well as new cables and a new electrical meter. Please note that a new breaker panel will not add more power to your home. We can also upgrade your electrical panel to fit more breakers into the panel or add a sub-panel to provide more power in your home.

Electricity enters your home through wires that connect to the electrical panel. Understanding the components of a breaker panel is key to making an informed decision about the kind of electrical panel or modification that you need. Let us help you make that decision.